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Do people embrace, judge or reject creativity?

We are all wired differently, and we are all influenced by different media, cultures and relationships. If the premise of marketing in a 2.0 World is to have a conversation with the mass of niches, then it makes sense to have variable levels of creativity in your marketing (depending on which audience you are speaking with and why).

Just to start spark a fire, I introduced tweepoll to Twitter today. The hash is a daily question just to gauge the relevance of a topic in twitterspace. Let’s see what happens…

Contact: Nathan J. Wagner

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“My Goldfish Farted” and other Tweets

Casual Thought Friday… Is the shine on Twitter beginning to dull?


Twitter is a relevant sensation.  People have something to say online and if you’re not on it, then maybe you’re over-thinking it because simplicity is what Twitter is all about. 


You can tell everybody what you are doing every minute of the day!  A sound bite of relevance for a sound bite culture.  But why continue Tweeting if everybody is talking and nobody is listening? 


Can you recall the last time you bothered to read, click through or directly respond to another’s question or comment on Twitter?  That is the behavior marketers would love to channel instead of playing Marco Polo with an audience that isn’t following.


There is definitely a percentage that has put Twitter to work for them, and the real time messaging (and search) is a great broadcast tool.  Others should flinch because when DOONESBURY fixes a gaze on your behavior, then the joke is out and it’s on you.


If the price of greatness is responsibility, then the future of Twitter will be dependant on user messaging – sometimes less is more.  Otherwise, it will be a house party that eventually ends because of the noise.


Contact: Nathan J. Wagner

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The Twitter Pitch

It used to be… what is your elevator pitch?  Now its what is your Twitter Pitch?

Consider the communication penetration of Twitter, and the working professionals using Tweets to send quick marketing messages and links.  The premise is simple: can you deliver your value proposal or brand promise in 140 characters or less?

Marketing hasn’t changed all that much, but strategies and the methodology of communication have – and content is being condensed to bite size.  That’s what Relevant Chews are all about.  But Twitter takes blogging to a new level.

The relevance of social networking is undeniable.  Follow this link to see numbers from the presidential campaign and how Barack Obama positioned himself on the Web, particularly on Facebook and Twitter.

Snapshot of presidential candidate social networking stats

If you can convey your message in one sentence, and it makes sense, then you can effectively reach more people.  And history shows that the most innovative storytellers come out winners!

Contact: Nathan J. Wagner

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